The Rainbow Team of ThetaHealers

Malia Mekuli

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand

Tel: +64 (0)21 024 51015

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Facebook: Spread Your Wings

Hey my name is Malia and I am a ThetaHealing® Master practitioner and teacher.

Has completed:
ThetaHealing® Basic DNA
ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA
ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper
ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance
ThetaHealing® Finding Your Soulmate
ThetaHealing® Rhythm To Finding Your Perfect Weight
ThetaHealing® World Relations
ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy
ThetaHealing® Diseases & Disorders (April)
ThetaHealing® DNA3 (May)
Reiki level 1

I created “Spread Your Wings” because this is what people are trying to do, sometimes they just don’t know how.

The idea of “Spread Your Wings” Came from my personal journey with Music and singing, as well as a couple dreams.
I was so afraid of my own voice yet I loved it so much, I found that I was restricting myself and only allowing my wings to show when I was doing a heart-felt performance on stage.

I loved the energy and happiness I felt whilst doing this and I never wanted it to stop, but as soon as I was finished my wings would fold back it and the energy would stop.

Once I found ThetaHealing® I was able to spread my wings continuously without the need to have them tucked away. I was able to open them on command and feel the energy flow in when ever I needed and it was beautiful.

I was able to incorporate the ThetaHealing® technique into my performances and now I also incorporate it into my vocal lessons with students.

I love the work and I love making the impossible, possible.

Allow me to assist you in spreading your wings.

Price list:
ThetaHealing® session
(Also available via Skype, Phone, Facebook)
20 mins - $30
45 mins - $75
75mins - $111
(Follow up  price discussed during session)

Vocal Lessons:
60 mins - $45

ThetaHealing® seminars:
Please refer to website