The Rainbow Team of ThetaHealers

Jilly Blythe

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FB: Beyondbelief

Hi, my name is Jilly Blythe.

I live in the Bay of Plenty but I am happy to travel to see clients and teach.

I am passionate about helping people overcome difficulties in life on any level. I also work closely with Animals who respond well to this modality.

I have a lifetime of both academic and practical experience in this area. I have developed ways to help people overcome the trauma of Grief after loosing a child in a car crash in 2012. I have also had success with people wishing to overcome Meth Addiction and I support people who are living in this environment to become empowered and make personal change.

I am happy to travel and prefer to meet animals in their own environment when they are too sick to travel.

I offer distance sessions, teaching, etc.

I can also offer:

  • Raindrop Vibrational Massage Therapy
  • Young Living Essential Oil distributor 3985710
  • Kangen Water Distributor